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Magnetic Island - Oz East Coast Adventure

A quick stopover on beautiful Maggie Island

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Our overnight trip to Magnetic Island started off with a bit of a stutter due to our already long bus journey from Cairns to Townsville being delayed, making us miss the 2:15 ferry. This unfortunately meant we had even less time to spend on the island. Magnetic island is only 52km2 in size, has a population of just over 2000 people and apparently the name “magnetic island” is due to the “magnetic“ effect the islands had on the ships compass Captain James Cook sailed on his route up the east coast in the 1770’s.

Our ferry there was quick and peaceful with some beautifully scenic views of the small island on the way, and of course we had our eagle eyes out ready to spot a curious dolphin or a friendly turtle. Once arriving at our hostel, we were really surprised at how nice it was. We were bunked in a small wooded 6 bed mix cabin with ocean view and you could literally walk from your room a few steps to the beach, which was perfect. Due to how late in the day it was, we simply had a look around the hostel and ate a bag of crisps on the beach and watched the sun set across the calm sea.


In the morning we got up in time for the first bus, checked out and made our way to the Koala Sanctuary on the island. The bus journey was a good way to see the island as it was the only bus and so stopped at most of the main neighbourhoods and tourist stops. The surroundings were so idyllic. Cute 'Queenslander' styled houses, kids playing together in the streets, whilst the sun shone on the tropical trees and plants. And don't even get us started on the birds. The craziest of birds just chilling everywhere. While we have pigeons, these guys have white yellow crested cockatoos.




We nearly missed our stop because we weren't expecting it to take only 20 minutes to get to the complete opposite side of the island (and because we were too busy gawping). The tour of the koala sanctuary started off with an introduction from the small but eccentric tour guide. He started off by comically offending everyone on the tour then him self before letting us in on some information on the first animals, the turtles, and letting us hold them. The park is really small but with the number of animals, how friendly the tour guides and volunteers were and not having an oversized group made the experience feel personal. You get to interact with the animals a lot. Holding a wombat and getting molested by lizards was a highlight for us.The best thing about the tour by miles was getting the cuddle to hold Matilda the koala. It was a really cheap add on and it was amazing, apart from Amiee getting pooed on. You do get a professional photo and they let you use your own camera which was great. Overall the park was great and worth a visit.

Our next bus to Airlie Beach was later on that same day so we decided to spend lunch at Horseshoe bay and have fish and chips on the beach. The bay was amazing, one of the best we have seen along the east coast. It also has a line of palm trees leaning over the white sandy beach and Amiee couldn't resist a good photo opportunity.


There is still a lot to do on the small island such as walks, boat trips. snorkelling, and we would have loved to rent a topless barbie car and drive around the island. Our stay was short and sweet and we wished we had planned to spend more time there.


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